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The first in the Michigan Seasons trilogy, More Than Christmas

Revised second edition released December 2018.

More Than Christmas_HIRES_TAGOn a two-year assignment to America, young British auto executive Nick Harris is interested in only one thing—boosting his career—until he meets his hunk of a next-door neighbour, and landlord, Dale Hepburn.

The problem is that Dale’s interest in Nick seems to be more changeable than the Michigan weather. One day they’re training in Dale’s garage gym and he’s giving Nick smouldering looks from under the barbell. The next, Nick’s attempts to turn up the heat on their friendship get the cold shoulder.

Dale finally claims he’s holding out for love that will last, and Nick’s stay in America is only temporary. But a neighbour’s accidental remark suggests otherwise. Humiliated and hurt, Nick confronts Dale—with disastrous consequences. Now, with painful truths revealed, and hearts bruised, Nick must find a way to convince Dale they can be more than Christmas.

Follow a Brit’s romantic journey through his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in Michigan, including a costume party, a blizzard, and a family crisis, to a heartwarming HFN

~ 39000 words

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and all major e-book retailers.


Man of the Match: the story of teenagers, Laurence and Aaron, who discover a shared love for rugby and eventually each other. DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE HERE. (Approx. 20k words.)


Something Good: a short story about Patrick, who’s had a terrible day. Until Finn shows up, bearing soup. This story is no longer available. I cocked up and updated the wrong story to Smashwords, and didn’t have an original copy saved (lost during a laptop change). Terrible, I know!

Something Good

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