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It’s been over two months since the release of Come Rain or Shine, and for so many reasons I’ve been offline most of that time (more about that in another update). So, first and foremost, I want to thank all the readers who’ve read the Michigan Seasons trilogy, and especially those that have taken the time to leave ratings and reviews, either on Goodreads, Amazon or elsewhere. Despite my lack of engagement, I have been eagerly checking in.

What’s new?

Michigans Seasons is available in paperback! Three separate volumes: More Than Christmas, After The Snow and Come Rain or Shine. And I must say, Tif’s covers look amazing in the flesh.

michigan seasons paperbacks


In ebook, More Than Christmas remains FREE at all retailers. After The Snow and Come Rain or Shine will be available on Kindle Unlimited for the next two weeks only. From 16th July 2019, all three volumes will be available wide from major ebook retailers.

More news on what I’m up to and future projects to follow!



Come Rain or Shine, aptly titled

Thought I’d get up early as I have a release today (!!) but I’ve been ill the last few days with a cough and bad throat. That obviously means I dozed back off when my husband went to work, so that I didn’t wake up until the contractor who’s replacing the flat roof on our garage knocked on the door. At 9AM! What a bloody sight I was, haring downstairs in my pyjamas, answering the door with a rasp like Dusty Springfield had just smoked 20 B&H.

So, on that note, happy release day to me! Come Rain or Shine is live on Amazon, and available on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

More Than Christmas is FREE at all e-book retailers, and After The Snow available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, also for a limited time.

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Blurb and release date!

Come Rain or Shine, Michigan Seasons 3, will be released on 16th April 2019!

It’s not what you have that matters, it’s who…

After a year of living together, Nick Harris and Dale Hepburn are getting married!

However, when they brave a local bridal fair, they soon discover organising the perfect summer wedding in Michigan—in four months—isn’t as easy as they’d imagined. Especially when Nick’s multitudinous family live in England, and Dale is secretly wrangling over inviting his estranged relatives.

The demands of Nick’s job, and the unexpected arrival of someone from Dale’s past add to the rising pressure. Then, days before the wedding, lightning strikes, shattering their plans.

To weather this final storm, Nick and Dale will need help—from the true friends and family who have been there for them all along.

Join Nick and Dale in the final chapter of the Michigan Seasons trilogy, on a romantic journey across an ocean, over a bridge, and up the aisle, to a heart-warming happy-ever-after.


Watch this space. Cover reveal coming soon!



Finally, I’ve finished Michigan Seasons…

Except maybe I haven’t. Ha ha.

Today, I sent the final draft of ‘Come Rain or Shine’ to my editor for proofreading. It’s taken me longer than I planned, partly because she wanted a point of view change in one of the last chapters, partly because my brain seems to be in a perpetual jumble at the moment. Despite my groans, I did it, because she was right. However, those deleted words have left me with the opening to the untold story of a new side character. Hmmm.

Nick and Dale, nonetheless, will get their final story,  and their happy-ever-after, in the last week of April, after Easter weekend.  Expect the blurb and full release details in a week.





Come Rain Or Shine

Quick update and a huge THANK YOU! The third and final episode in the Michigan Seasons Series, titled ‘Come Rain Or Shine’, is with my editor and will be released in April (release date, blurb, and cover reveal coming in the next few weeks).

I started this series in 2016 and had aimed to have it wrapped up in a year. Unfortunately, life got in the way. On the back of a bereavement and some ongoing health issues, I had to make some big decisions and changes to my life. Writing took a back seat. In a way, however, as is often the case with these things, I think the break has resulted in a better final book, with a greater sense of celebration. I’m really looking forward to sharing it.

Which leads me into a huge, huge thank you to all the readers who’ve either waited patiently for the last story, or who have recently found Michigan Seasons. I was shocked, excited and amazed to find ‘More Than Christmas’ has hit the #1 slot on Amazon in the US today! (So thrilled that I even took a screenshot and shared it on Facebook.) My day, month, year so far is made.

FREE! More Than Christmas

With the final installment coming in Spring 2019, the first book in the Michigan Seasons Series, More Than Christmas is now FREE.  Available at all major ebook retailers.


Keeping life simple can be a complicated business...

On a two-year assignment to America, young British auto executive Nick Harris is interested in only one thing—boosting his career—until he meets his hunk of a next-door neighbour, and landlord, Dale Hepburn.

The problem is that Dale’s interest in Nick seems to be more changeable than the Michigan weather. One day they’re training in Dale’s garage gym and he’s giving Nick smouldering looks from under the barbell. The next, Nick’s attempts to turn up the heat on their friendship get the cold shoulder.

Dale finally claims he’s holding out for love that will last, and Nick’s stay in America is only temporary. But a neighbour’s accidental remark suggests otherwise. Humiliated and hurt, Nick confronts Dale—with disastrous consequences. Now, with painful truths revealed, and hearts bruised, Nick must find a way to convince Dale they can be more than Christmas.

Follow a Brit’s romantic journey through his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in Michigan, including a costume party, a blizzard, and a family crisis, to a heartwarming HFN

~ 39000 words