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It’s almost here! Two more weeks until the release of my upcoming novel, The Losing Game.


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Release date: 8th August 2016



Cover Reveal!

The cover for my next release, The Losing Game, once again designed by the lovely Anna Sikorska:


The Losing Game, a psychological thriller about loss and love, will be released on 8th August, 2016, with Dreamspinner Press.


Winchester Crown Court, October 2035: Richard Shaw leaves, a free man.

Grief-stricken and angry, Lucas Green is hell-bent on revenge against Richard Shaw, who killed his sister. Lucas has heard of a man who can help—the handsome and urbane owner of a boutique sex shop, with a head for planning crimes. But Dante Okoro has a past he’s desperate to keep buried. Though Lucas piques his interest in more ways than one, Dante turns him away. Still, he wonders if he made the right decision….

An unexpected death brings Dante and Lucas together once more. This time they can’t ignore the chemistry between them. But courting a lover with lies is a dangerous game. Dante has been spying on Lucas, convinced he has plans to kill Shaw. Lucas has been spying on Shaw, waiting for the right moment to strike. If Dante admits his suspicions to Lucas, he’ll surely lose him. If he doesn’t, Lucas might do something reckless—and end up losing everything.

Coming soon:

The Losing Game

 A romance/psychological thriller about love, loss and moving on.

Winchester Crown Court, October 2035: Richard Shaw leaves, a free man.

Grief-stricken and angry, Lucas Green is hell-bent on revenge against Richard Shaw, who killed his sister. Lucas has heard of a man who can help—the handsome and urbane owner of a boutique sex shop, with a head for planning crimes. But Dante Okoro has a past that he’s desperate to keep buried; though Lucas piques his interest, in more ways than one, Dante turns him away. Still, he wonders if he made the right decision…

Cover reveal 27 June 2016

Release 8th August 2016

Visual inspiration at  Pinterest – The Losing Game

Cover Reveal: Dormant Heart

I had the absolute pleasure of having my dear friend, Anna Sikorska, design the cover for my upcoming novella, Dormant Heart, to be released with Dreamspinner Press in February/March 2016.

She’s encapsulated the mood of the story perfectly and. I think anyone would agree, created something truly beautiful.



Blurb:  Amateur photographer Josh Thornton is out, but not so proud. He’s estranged from his family, his boyfriend dumped him, and his job at an estate agency is in jeopardy—especially after he crashes his boss’s car in the middle of nowhere on his way to Hartley Manor.

Callum Black works at the English country estate and lives there in an isolated cottage. Left mute by a childhood accident, he’s more comfortable in the company of animals than people. But when Josh—literally—crashes into his life with his camera and his friendship, Callum realizes his peaceful solitude has been more than a little lonely.

Josh’s affection for Callum deepens even as he’s consumed by doubts over Callum’s sexuality and whether Callum could ever love him. And Callum is haunted by the secret that stole his voice—a secret that keeps him tethered to Hartley Manor. When the past comes hurtling painfully back into the present, Josh and Callum have to overcome their fears and breathe life back into their dormant hearts in order to have a chance at their own picture-perfect future.


Release date, 10th February 2016



It’s November!

*blows off the cobwebs*

Yes, it’s been quiet around these here parts, but I have been busy. This time last week, I was in beautiful Snowdonia, Wales, on a short break which included hiking, white water rafting and zip-lining. All after running the Great South Run on the 26th October.



It’s safe to say, I don’t see myself being a four-book-a-year author any time soon. I think I’m going to struggle to make it two. But there are things in the works.

In August, Dreamspinner Press accepted a 50,000 word novella just three weeks after my submission. Dormant Heart, a contemporary male/male romance, has been through its third and final round of edits, ready for proofing. The cover and blurb are on their way. I should be looking at a February 2016 release.

For National Novel Writing Month I’m doing a semi-cheat. At the beginning of this year I wrote a novel which didn’t quite work, with a working title of The Crimesmith. I loved the characters and the world and didn’t want to abandon them completely. After months of thought (and a whole other novella), I worked out what needed to be done. I’ve been able to salvage some scenes, maybe about 10,000 words worth, and as I said, I have the characters and the world. Now all that’s left for me to do is write Dante and Lucas their new story. I’m planning on November being that month.

On top of that, I also have the beginnings of a female/female story (about 18,000 words and a solid plan), which I aim to finish writing at the beginning of 2016.

I’ve read a lot of books and articles, on plotting and pantsing, on writing many thousands of words a day, on writing a novel in two weeks. I’ve tried every method I’ve read about, and not one of them exactly works for me. What does seem to work is letting the idea sit for six months. I think about my characters, I make a tentative plan, I write 10,000 words, usually within a couple of weeks. Then I let it sit. I let the characters and their story solidify in my mind. I research. I write notes. And months later, I write the rest of the story.

I have three stories at various stages of simmer. One of those should be written before the end of the year. Which leaves the other two for next year. If that works, I’ll be happy. And amazed.


Bargains And Giveaways

Tomorrow (8th April) my novella, The Playmaker is released with Less Than Three Press. Order directly from the publisher here. Otherwise, it’s available at all the usual e-book retailers (Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance, Kobo).

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Wednesday, I’ll be giving away a signed (by me) copy of the Dreamspinner Press Random Acts of Kindness Anthology (UK participants only, I’m afraid). Draw takes place on 15th April at 9pm BST (UTC+1).


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Upcoming release: The Playmaker

It seems appropriate, as the Six Nations tournament ended this weekend, to announce the upcoming release of my novella, The Playmaker. Out on 8th April and available direct from Less Than Three Press or all major ebook sellers (see below for links).


Ask Meg, and she’ll say she’s content. A promising career, a steady boyfriend—her future is secure. Just like her position on Brentley Women’s Rugby Team.

Her fascination with Jacqueline, the team’s wild and beautiful flanker—that’s nothing more than infatuation. When Jacqueline unexpectedly corners her and kisses her breathless, Meg is blindsided.

Forced to admit her secure future isn’t nearly as appealing as it had seemed, Meg realises she has two options: keep playing it safe or change the game.

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