Another year over, almost

Some housekeeping, to avoid real life housekeeping for a short while longer!

The first book in my Michigan Seasons trilogy, More Than Christmas, is permanently free at all online e-book retailers. For the holiday season, the second and third books After The Snow and Come Rain Or Shine are available to read on Kindle Unlimited. Due to Amazon’s terms and conditions, they will therefore be unavailable to purchase in e-book format at other retailers during this time (6th December 2019 for three months).

Michigan Seasons follows the heartwarming romance between young British businessman, Nick, and his American landlord, Dale. It’s a cosy, sweet yet sensual read offering a roller-coaster ride of emotional ups and downs, and an enchanting, uplifting happy ending.

Available here: Michigan Seasons

All my best wishes to you this holiday season, lovelies. Stay warm, stay cool, stay well, and remember to take time out for yourself x



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