Come Rain Or Shine

Quick update and a huge THANK YOU! The third and final episode in the Michigan Seasons Series, titled ‘Come Rain Or Shine’, is with my editor and will be released in April (release date, blurb, and cover reveal coming in the next few weeks).

I started this series in 2016 and had aimed to have it wrapped up in a year. Unfortunately, life got in the way. On the back of a bereavement and some ongoing health issues, I had to make some big decisions and changes to my life. Writing took a back seat. In a way, however, as is often the case with these things, I think the break has resulted in a better final book, with a greater sense of celebration. I’m really looking forward to sharing it.

Which leads me into a huge, huge thank you to all the readers who’ve either waited patiently for the last story, or who have recently found Michigan Seasons. I was shocked, excited and amazed to find ‘More Than Christmas’ has hit the #1 slot on Amazon in the US today! (So thrilled that I even took a screenshot and shared it on Facebook.) My day, month, year so far is made.

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