What Motivates You To Purchase Books From A Particular Site – A Guest Post by Brita Addams

The Novel Approach, making a sterling case for buying direct from the publisher, rather than third party vendors.

The Novel Approach

booksYou love books, don’t you? Yeah, me too. Some authors and publishers are autobuys for me, because I know I’ll get the reading experience I want. A cover attracts me, the blurb entices and then I’m off to purchase.

Before I wrote, I had my go-to vendors. As a reflex, I went to what was familiar. Then, I had books accepted for publication, signed contracts, and the purchase of books took on an entirely different scope.

What motivates you to purchase from a particular site? Is it habit? Ease of purchasing experience? Sales? Incentives?

As an author, I have my clear-cut preference. Hands down, I’d rather my readers purchase from my publisher’s sites.

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