Finally feeling like I’m going in the right direction

A few days ago my story for the Love’s Landscapes event, organised by the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads was posted privately to the group. In a couple of day’s time it will be available for free download: Man of the Match 

I won’t deny, I’ve been sick with nerves about this for the last several weeks. Wondering if I’m ready. Wondering if my writing wasn’t up to par. Wondering if the story would be a disappointment to my prompter.

Well, it’s done now. Que sera, sera and all that!

I’ve learned so much over the last couple of years. These first few stories I’ve written to be put ‘out there’, I’ve written … cautiously, I think. The novel I’m working on now is, of course, longer. It takes place over a shorter time frame and has more action, drama and plot. 

The working title is ‘Sleight’ and is the story of a quiet man who leads a reclusive life (for reasons revealed in the book) who is thrown way out of his comfort zone when he falls for a local windsurfer. I’ve used my local Hayling Island for the location.

Recently, I was extremely fortunate in being able to buy a beach hut on the beach. (For non-UK natives, a beach hut is effectively a shed/basic cabin on the beach. No power or plumbing.) I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years for the right one to come up, so this is very exciting. I spent a glorious day there today with family — it’ll be a well-used space. The view is amazing (I posted a picture on my Instagram) and in the week, when the kids are at school, the beach is almost deserted. I’m hoping to get some really good writing days in down there (before the kids break for the hols) and get my first draft done. There are no distractions, but there is a good cafe (for coffee) and toilets, both a 2 minute walk away.

Still, the windsurfers are apt to come along anytime the wind and tide are right. But I’m not complaining about that. No siree!


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